raindrop-rot: STARVING PLEASE SHARE!!!I was kicked out of my home a few months ago and forced onto…



I was kicked out of my home a few months ago and forced onto the streets. My family finally allowed me to come back into the home but does not allow me to eat and charges me a high rent even though I am jobless. I’m currently doing everything I can to make ends meet but it’s just not working and I’m in such a dire situation I am going days and days without eating. I can barely afford their rent each month and I’m terrified of ending up in a shelter or on the streets again I live in such a dangerous area. I’m so sorry to ask but please please share this post if you can, and if you want or care to donate to help me stay housed and fed please do even one dollar helps me I mean that!

  • You can donate to my PayPal at laringillingwater@gmail.com or use this link paypal.me/larinN

Please share if you can!!!

intervalart: Inktober 2018 – Day 20,?“Wander”I thought I was…


Inktober 2018 – Day 20,?“Wander”

I thought I was gonna have to draw someone wandering through another detailed background, and then I remembered Shadow of the Colossus existed…. Then I went and made it detailed anyway. rip lol